with Steve Walker

Steve started playing golf in 1970 as he was introduced to it by his father and uncle, who were both playing off of two handicap. Their love of this great game soon rubbed off on him during the many times that they played together. At the age of thirteen, Steve played most sports at school to a very high standard; however, golf soon became his favourite. His ultimate goal was to become a golf professional, and therefore he played and practiced as much as possible to achieve this high ambition.

Steve’s family moved from their family home in Cambridge to the Isle of Man in 1978, where he became a member of the famous links golf course, ‘Castletown Golf Club’. This was where Steve really began to take to the sport and improved his game dramatically. His handicap was down to the low figure of five when his family decided to move once more and live full time in the Algarve in Portugal. Therefore, he left school at the early age of fifteen, and in the sunshine of the Algarve trained as an amateur and improved his golf swing under the guidance of the Head Teaching professional at the Vale do Lobo Golf Club, Mr. Peter Mc Guinness. During his time in Portugal he also spent instances with his father’s great friend, and three times British open Champion, Sir Henry Cotton, who steered him in the right direction to become not only a good player, but also a good teacher.

In 1980 Steve spent some time in America playing a few big amateur open events, and on his return to Portugal decided to turn professional. He did this by taking an apprenticeship under Mr Peter Mc Guinness, and throughout this time his handicap improved from five to plus one.

Steve also played in many professional events when he was seventeen. He managed to win the ‘Harold Lees Assistants Championship’ and he took part in two events, in which he was known as the youngest qualifier, these were the ‘PGA championship’ and ‘Benson and Hedges Open’.

At nineteen Steve’s dream of being a tour Professional was unfortunately taken away from him, as he developed chronic tendonitis problems in both hands and wrists from over practicing when he was younger. Nevertheless, he was offered his first Head professional position at ‘Velpe Golf and Country Club’ in Osnabruck Germany in 1984. This made him the youngest Head Professional at the time in the world.

Throughout his life Steve had been fortunate enough to play with many famous Golf professionals of the time, these included: Sir Henry Cotton, Eamond Darcy, Nick Faldo, Dave Barr, Christy O Conner and many other great players. This made him gain a good understanding of the golf swing at such an early age.

By becoming a professional at such a young age, Steve had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people, and improved their golf skills greatly, which meant that his teaching skills progressed dramatically. Steve always emphasises the pleasure he gets from helping students achieve their goals. He is a very picky and direct teacher and tends to tell people the absolute truth when it comes to their golf swings, which results in his clients achieving the best outcomes quicker than one would have thought. His greatest belief is that a great teacher is honest. A teacher should make students aware of their problems straight away, and also explain why they have occurred, so that they develop a good understanding of these, and therefore can improve at a faster rate. Most of these problems stem from simple basic techniques, which include: the grip, stance, posture, and ball position.